September 17th, 11am

"Ego in Anorexia, Egosyntonia, Narcissism and Imaginary Nomination"
By Domenico Consenza

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In this contribution, Domenico will seek to focus on a paradigmatic aspect of the hypertrophy of the Ego in contemporary clinical practice: anorexia, as a subject’s limitless passion for his image. This is an aspect of anorexia that is very well known and much discussed in the clinical literature.  All clinicians know the particular dramatic attachment that the anorexic subject feels for the hyper ideal of his/her body image. This is, together with the refusal of food, the most evident characteristic in the behavior of the anorexic patient. 

In the psychoanalytic field, the most important post-Freudian interpretations of anorexia have underlined the weakness of the Ego in anorexic patients as a key aspect of their problem (Kestemberg).    

In this perspective, they have thought of the cure as reinforcement of this weak Ego and its relationship with reality (Jeammet). 

The Lacanian perspective goes in another direction. It’s striking that Lacan, the theorist of the mirror stage, didn’t take the direction of a narcissistic pathology in his reading of the clinical question of anorexia.  In the heart of his theory of anorexia, he preferred to put a singular object of jouissance, the nothing (rien), and the operation that rules its functioning: refusal. The anorexic jouissance of the nothing is produced by the action of refusal. 

What place can we give, in this framework drawn by Lacan, to the extraordinary egosyntonia we find in the jouissance felt by the anorexic subject in his relationship with his symptom and with his image?

Lacan’s last teaching seems to offer us a third cardinal element for his theory of anorexia that we can link with the jouissance of the nothing and with the refusal of the Other. This third way is an imaginary nomination, where the name of the symptom takes the place of the identity of the subject.



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