October 20th, 11a-1p (EST)

“Interpretation in the Era of the Speaking Body"
By Anne Lysy, AME (ECF, NLS, WAP)

“Analyzing the parlêtre is no longer quite the same as analyzing the unconscious in Freud's sense, nor even the unconscious structured like a language", J.-A. Miller emphasizes, in "The Unconscious and the Speaking Being". When we aim at the real of the sinthome, which is a body event, and which precisely resists deciphering, what kind of interpretative practice is there to invent that is at the height of this real?

Anne Lysy AME, is a psychoanalyst in Brussels and a Member of the ECF, NLS, WAP. She holds a PhD in Literature & Philosophy. Anne teaches at the Section clinique de Brussels and is Coordinator of the Psychoanalytic Clinical Program in Ghent.

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