Paris, France
Marie-Hélène Brousse (AME) - WAP, ECF
Pierre Gilles Guéguen (AME) - WAP, NLS, ECF
Jacques-Alain Miller (AME) - WAP, ECF
Eric Laurent (AME) - WAP, ECF, NLS, EOL, NEL, EBP, ELP and NLS

Barcelona, Spain
Miquel Bassols  (AME) - WAP, ELP, ECF
Vicente Palomera (AME) - WAP, ELP, EOL


Atlanta, GA
Elizabeth Rogers, MA, LPC

Houston, TX
Mercedes Acuña, MA
Lorena Hojman Davis, MA MEd
Carmen Navarro Niño, M.PsyA. (AP) - WAP, NLS, NEL

Miami, FL
Isolda Alvarez, MA (AP) - WAP, NLS, NEL
Juan Felipe Arango, MS (AP) - WAP, NLS, NEL
Alicia Arenas, MS LMHC (AME) - WAP, NLS, NEL
Maria Eugenia Cardona, MS (AP) - WAP, NEL
Sandra Cantor, MS LMHC
Jose Armando Garcia, MA LCSW
Alicia Hadida, MS LCSW (AP) - WAP, NEL
Liliana Kruszel, MS LMHC (AP) - WAP, NLS, NEL
Noemi Kohan, MA LCSW (AP) - WAP, NEL
Maria Lopez, PsyD LMHC
Fernando Schutt, MS LMHC (AP) - WAP, NEL
Karina Tenenbaum, MS LMHC (AP) - WAP, NLS NEL

Ellie Ragland, PhD (AP) - WAP, NLS

New York, NY
Maria Cristina Aguirre, PhD (AME) - WAP, NLS, NEL
Ellyn Altman, PhD
Fred Baitinger, PhD Candidate
Robert Buck, BFA
Jeffrey Erbe, PhD MSc
Nancy Gillespie, PhD
Azeen Khan, PhD
Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff, BFA LMSW
Samya Seth, MPhil

Omaha, NE
Gary Marshall, PhD
Thomas Svolos, MD (AP) - WAP, NLS


WAP: Member of the World Association of Psychoanalysis
NLS: Member of the New Lacanian School
NEL: Member of the Nueva Escuela Lacaniana
EOL: Member of the Escuela de la Orientacion Lacaniana
ECF: Member of the Ecole de la Cause Freudienne
EBP: Member of the Escola Brasileira de Psicanálise
ELP:  Member of theEscuela Lacaniana de Psicoanálisis

*Members who practice psychoanalysis fall into two categories:

AP: Practicing Analyst
Having declared themselves as practicing analysts and proposed as such to the Council of the WAP, they are listed in the School Directory and marked with the letters A.P.

AME: Analyst Member of the School
Members of the School that have been recognized and guaranteed by the School for the role they play in the formation that it offers, and awarded the title of AME after the approval of the Council of the WAP.


The Lacanian Compass is composed by clinicians working in the mental health field as well as artists, scholars, academics and other professionals interested in the development, transmission and promotion of the Lacanian Orientation in the United States.

Among the Members of the Lacanian Compass are members of the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP), the New Lacanian School (NLS), and other Schools of the WAP. In the following list, you will find each Member's affiliations (see glossary above).

Membership in Lacanian Compass does not constitute a guarantee of the practice of psychoanalysis for a Member, the guarantee is given only by the Schools of the WAP.*