There are many free, online journals and articles on websites within the Lacanian orientation.  These form a valuable, virtual library (eLibrary) about psychoanalysis in the Lacanian orientation.  In order to assist our members and visitors to our site find these articles, we present here two indexes of articles available in the online journals and websites.  These lists are organized as indexes sorted in two different ways–one is sorted by AUTHOR, the other is sorted by SUBJECT.  

These listings — presented below as pdf documents — contain information on the author, title, subject for the article, journal or website, and url address (website) for the text.  Please note that we are incorporating the dates of presentation for the texts of Jacques-Alain Miller (the ‘LO’ next to one of the texts of JAM indicates that this is a session from his Course ‘Lacanian Orientation’).  Also, please note that for some of the texts you will need to go to the respective website and scroll to find the article that you are looking for.  (For texts from the Psychoanalytical Notebooks, that will require going to the Publications section on that site.)



Aflalo, Agnès "Portrait of Freud as Behaviorist" LP 1
Aguirre, Maria-Cristina "The Refusal of the Language of the Other" Symptom #10
Alvarenga, Elisa "Ken Park, the Helplessness beyond Castration Anxiety" ILR 1
Arango, Juan-Felipe "Transference: Private Practice, Institutional Practice" ILR 4
Arenas, Alicia "Anxiety: A Topological Issue" LC 8
Attié, Joseph "The Mad Play of Writing" ILR 2
Aucremanne, Jean-Louis "Maladjusted Childhood : guste Aichhorn’s Response" Courtil


Baio, Virginio "Cito tute iucunde : A Clinic with an Autistic Subject" Courtil
Baldwin, Yael "It's a Family Affair: A Case of Bulemia Nervosa" ILR 4
Bassols, Miquel "Banking on the subject" LP 1
Besserer, Pascale "When the Surprise Makes the Clinic" Courtil
Bonnigue, Catherine "Thematic Bibliography of the Congress" Semblants/Sinthome
Bouillot, Philppe "How to Transform or Infinitely Postpone Meeting of the Psychotic Subject and His Other" Courtil
Briole, Guy "The Dream: An Interpretation of the Subject" PN#2 GO TO PUBLICATIONS SECTION and scroll to entry
Brodsky, Graciela "Sexual Reality" NLS
Brodsky, Graciela "The Efficacy of Psychoanalysis" ILR 2
Brousse, Marie-Hélène "A Difficulty in the Analysis with Women: A Ravage Effected by the Relation to the Mother" Melbourne
Brousse, Marie-Hélène "Art, the Avant-Garde and Psychoanalysis" LC 11
Brousse, Marie-Hélène "Death and the Resurrection of the Hysteric" Melbourne
Brousse, Marie-Hélène "Feminine Know-How with Relationship: The Three R's: Ruse, Ravage, Ravashing" NLS
Brousse, Marie-Hélène "Fury" Melbourne
Brousse, Marie-Hélène "Psychic Suffering and the Treatment Challenges of the Postmodern World" LC 11
Brousse, Marie-Hélène "Sexual Position and the End of Analysis" PN#3 GO TO PUBLICATIONS SECTION and scroll to entry
Brousse, Marie-Hélène "Strange Object, Immaterial Objects" ILR 5
Brousse, Marie-Hélène "Those Scary Objects" LC 9
Brousse, Marie-Hélène "Toward a New Psychoanalytic Clinical Practice" LP 1
Brusa, Luisella “The Ternary: Name-of-the-Father, Object a, Sinthome” Semblants/Sinthome


Caldas, Heloisa "The Art of Living" ILR 5
Caroz, Gil "The Modern Family" ICLO
Caroz, Gil "The Victory of the Subject" Courtil
Cotter, Serge "Four Preliminary Questions To A Renewal Of The Clinic" PN#4  GO TO PUBLICATIONS SECTION and scroll to entry
Cottes, Jean-Francois "Psychosis and the Child in the Teachings of Jacques Lacan : Consequences for an Institution" Courtil
Cottet, Serge "Gay Knowledge, Sad Truth" Melbourne 
Cuzin-Bressot, Jacqueline "Gilles, or the Question of Birth" Courtil


Damase, Herve "What Becomes of the Lunatic, then …" Courtil
De Georges, Philippe "Contruction of the Case" NLS
Delplanche, Dominique "Anger" Courtil
Deprost, Francoise "Feminization in Psychosis : Clinical Fragments" Courtil
Dewambrechies-LaSagna, Carole "The Symptom's Function" Melbourne
Di Ciaccia, Antonio "Ethics in an Era of Globalization" LC 3
Doisneau, Elizabeth "Cecilia, or No Name for the Worst" Courtil
Douste-Blazy, Philippe "The Minister’s Discourse" LP 1


Favre, Tracy "Why Is the Devil Chasing Me?" with discussion ILR 4
Focchi, Marco "The Indiscreet Language and the Unrepeatable" Symptom #6
Forbes, Jorge "Psychoanalysis of the Compassless Man: Reactions to the Future and their Treatment" ILR 2

Gault, Jean-Louis "The Option of Anxiety" ILR 2
Genchev, Evgeni "Psychotherapy regulation in Bulgaria" LP 2
Gorostiza, Leonardo "Opening Remarks to 'Reading the Unconscious'" NLS
Gorostiza, Leonardo "Resonances of 'A Fantasy'" 2012 AMP Congress
Gorostiza, Leonardo “Measuring the True to the Real” Semblants/Sinthome
Grigg, Russell "Regulating psychoanalysis" LP 2
Grigg, Russell "The Concept of Semblant in Lacan's Teaching" Semblants/Sinthome
Gueguen, Pierre-Gilles "Daughter, Mother, Woman in the 21st Century" NLS
Gueguen, Pierre-Gilles "From Anxiety to the Name-of-the-Father" LC 5
Gueguen, Pierre-Gilles "On Women and the Phallus" Symptom #11
Gueguen, Pierre-Gilles "Ontology, Ontics, Object a" Semblants/Sinthome
Gueguen, Pierre-Gilles "Our children’s therapists: account of a 'forcing'" LP 2
Gueguen, Pierre-Gilles "The Battle of Psychoanalysis in the Twenty-first Century" LP 1
Gueguen, Pierre-Gilles "The Pass between Knowledge and Belief" PN#3  GO TO PUBLICATIONS SECTION and scroll to entry
Gueguen, Pierre-Gilles "The Plunge of the Symptom in Hypermodernity" LC 14
Gueguen, Pierre-Gilles "The Short Session and the Question Concerning Technique with Lacan" Symptom #10
Gueguen, Pierre-Gilles "The Usage of the Case" NLS
Gueguen, Pierre-Gilles "Who is Mad and Who is Not? On Differential Diagnosis in Psychoanalysis" ICLO
Gueguen, Pierre-Gilles “Discretion of the Analyst in the Post-Interpretive Era” PN#2
Guignard-Luz, Inma "Feminine masochism according to Helene Deutsch: A reference to “Guiding Remarks for a Convention on Female Sexuality” NLS


Haarscher, Dominique "From Beforehand to the Preliminaries" Courtil
Hadida-Hassan, Alicia "The Case of J" with discussion ILR 4
Hellebois, Phillipe "About the «Introduction of the Psychotic Dimension in the Education of the Mentally Retarded»" Courtil 
Holvoet, Dominique "The Mother-Daughter Couple and Its Destiny" Courtil
Hoornaert, Geert "The Problem of the SuperEgo in the Treatment of Psychosis" Courtil
Horne, Bernardino "On the Desire of the Analyst" ILR 1
Hortensia Cardenas, Maria “From Contingency to the Sinthome" Semblants/Sinthome 


Jaanus, Maire "Tolstoy and Lacan: Phallic Jouissance and the passage à l’acte in Anna Karenina" LC 13
Jespersen, Pamela "Pregnant Silences" with discussion ILR 3


Klein, Richard "Lacan and Gödel" Symptom #10
Klein, Richard "Responsibility in Psychoanalysis" PN#3 GO TO PUBLICATIONS SECTION and scroll to entry
Klotz, Jean-Pierre "A Clinical Wreckage" LC 12
Klotz, Jean-Pierre "Depression: the Ultimate Freeze-Frame Shot" Melbourne
Klotz, Jean-Pierre "The Family-Symptom" LC 12
Klotz, Jean-Pierre "What Treatment for Contemporary Civilization?" ILR 4
Kohan, Noemi "Destigmatizing Psychoanalysis" ILR 4
Kruger, Flory "Presentation of the VIIIth Congress of the WAP" 2012 AMP Congress
Kruger, Flory "There is No Discourse of the Sinthome" Semblants/Sinthome


Lacadee, Philippe "The Mark of Freudian Subversion" Courtil
Lacan "Of Structure as the Inmixing of an Otherness Prerequisite to Any Subject Whatever"
Lacan (1964) "The Founding Act" many places
Lacan (1967) "Proposition of 9 October 1967" many places
Langelez, Katty "Getting Our Bearings" Courtil 
Laurent, Dominique "Death Drive in the Feminine" 
Laurent, Dominique "The demand for symptomatic desegregation" LP 2
Laurent, Eric "Guiding Principles for Any Psychoanalytic Act" many places 
Laurent, Eric "How to Recompose the Names-of-the-Father" ILR 1
Laurent, Eric "How We Inform the People" LP 1
Laurent, Eric "Institution of the Phantasm, Phantasms of the Institution" Courtil
Laurent, Eric "On the Disparity of Love" Symptom #11
Laurent, Eric "On Today's Uses of Psychoanalysis: Possible and Impossible" LC 4
Laurent, Eric "Ordinary Psychosis" LC website
Laurent, Eric "Pragmatics of the Cure: the Transference from object a"
Laurent, Eric "Protecting the Child from the Family Delusion" ICLO
Laurent, Eric "Psychoanalysis and Science" Symptom #10
Laurent, Eric "Symptom, Discourse: In/Out" Melbourne
Laurent, Eric "The Blind Alleys of Cognitive Psychoanalysis" ILR 2
Laurent, Eric "The Case, from Unease to the Lie" NLS
Laurent, Eric "The Confusing Effects of Cognitive Psychoanalysis" LC 2
Laurent, Eric "The Name-of-the-Father: Psychoanalysis and Democracy" LC 7
Laurent, Eric "The Pass and the Guarantee of the School" PN#2 GO TO PUBLICATIONS SECTION and scroll to entry
Laurent, Eric "The Symbolic Order in the 21st Century: Consequences for the Treatment" 2012 AMP Congress 
Laurent, Eric "Uses of the Neurosciences for Psychoanalysis" Symptom #11
Lefort, Robert and Rosine "The First Three Lessons of the Treatment of the Wolf Child" Symptom #8
Leguil, François "On the False Usefulness of Anxiety and the Benefits of Working Through It" LP 1
Lemaire-Diricq, Bernadette "Children without Speech: the Enigma of Desire" Courtil
Lévy, Bernard-Henri "The Philosopher’s Discourse" LP 1
Litten, Roger "We are all health professionals now" LP 2
Lopez, Maria "Jose: A Case of Autism: From Silence into the Word" ILR 3
Lutterback Holck, Ana Lucia "Testomony of the Pass" LC 14
Lysy Stevens, Anne "What One Calls «Untriggered» Psychoses" Courtil
Lysy Stevens, Anne “One is not born a woman, one becomes one” NLS
Lysy Stevens, Anne “Unconscious and Interpretation” Semblants/Sinthome


Malengreau, Pierre "Note on the Construction of the Case" NLS
Maleval, Jean-Claude "Why Sp Many 'Borderlines'?" PN#4 GO TO PUBLICATIONS SECTION and scroll to entry
Maleval, Jean-Claude et al "From Dementia Praecocissima to Autism Spectrum Disorders" ILR 5
Mariage, Veronique "On a Clinical Work in Institution with a Psychotic Child" Courtil
Marot, Monique "The Shoes at the Antenna" Courtil
Marshall, Gary "On the Trail of the Hidden Names of the Father" LC 9
Marshall, Gary "The Name of the Father in Feminity: A Film Seminar in a Psychoanalytic Setting" LC 10
Mauss, Marco "Couched in Feminine Terms" ILR 2
Miller, Dominique "Obsession: A Name of the Superego" Symptom #6
Miller, Jacques-Alain "A New Kind of Love"
Miller, Jacques-Alain "Contraindications to Psychoanalytical Treatment" PN#4 GO TO PUBLICATIONS SECTION and scroll to entry
Miller, Jacques-Alain "The Axiom of the Fantasm"
Miller, Jacques-Alain "The Effect of the Subject in the Psychoses" Symptom #3
Miller, Jacques-Alain "The Fundamental Fantasm"
Miller, Jacques-Alain VIDEO "Rally of the Impossible Professions" LS-NLS  GO TO VIDEO SECTION
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1964) "Action of the Structure" Symptom #10
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1966) "Suture: Elements of the Logic of the Signifier" Symptom #8
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1979) "Elements of Epistemology" Symptom #9
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1980) "Another Lacan" Symptom #10
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1983) "Two Clinical Dimensions: Symptom and Fantasm" Symptom #11
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1984 LO) "A Critical Reading of 'Family Complexes' by Jacques Lacan" ILR 2
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1985) "Reflexions on the Formal Envelope of the Symptom" Lacanian Ink
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1986) "Extimité" Symptom #9
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1987) "Sigma (x)" 
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1988) "A and a in Clinical Structures" Symptom #6
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1988) "H2O: Suture in Obsessionality" Symptom #4
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1988) "Ironic Clinic" Symptom #2
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1988) VIDEO "Kent State, Ohio"
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1991) "The Non-Existent Seminar" Symptom #11
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1994) "Marginalia to 'Constructions in Analysis'" NLS
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1995 LO) "Transference, Repetition, and the Sexual Real"
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1995) "The Invention of Delusion" ILR 5
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1995-96 LO) "Drive is Parole" Symptom #1
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1995-96 LO) "The Written in Speech" Courtil
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1996) "Interpretation in Reverse" PN#2 GO TO PUBLICATIONS SECTION and scroll to entry
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1996) "The Barcelona Seminar, the Paths to the Formation of Symptoms" PN#1 GO TO PUBLICATIONS SECTION and scroll to entry
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1997) "The Symptom: Knowledge, Meaning, and the Real" Symptom #7
Miller, Jacques-Alain (1999 LO) "Enigmatized Coitus: A Reading of Borges' 'The Sect of the Phoenix'" ILR 3
Miller, Jacques-Alain (2000) "The Turin Theory of the Subject of the School" many places
Miller, Jacques-Alain (2001) "Lacan's Nightingale" ILR 4
Miller, Jacques-Alain (2001) "Pure Psychoanalysis, Applied Psychoanalysis, and Psychotherapy"
Miller, Jacques-Alain (2003) "Improvisation on 'Rerum Novarrun'" ILR 1
Miller, Jacques-Alain (2004) "A Fantasy" 2012 AMP Congress
Miller, Jacques-Alain (2004) "A Fantasy" LP 1
Miller, Jacques-Alain (2005) "The mental market" LP 2
Miller, Jacques-Alain (2005) "The response of psychoanalysis to cognitive-behavioral therapy" LP 2
Miller, Jacques-Alain (2006) "Objects a in the Analytic Experience" LC 9
Miller, Jacques-Alain (2007-08 LO) "The Interpretation of Psychoanalysis" LC 13
Miller, Jacques-Alain (2008) "Interview on the Current Situation" Melbourne
Miller, Jacques-Alain (2008) "On Love"
Miller, Jacques-Alain (2010) “Your eye is subjugated while your head is put to sleep” NLS
Milner, Jean-Claude "The Return of the Dangerous Classes" LP 1
Monribot, Patrick "Lacanian Interpretation" LC 14


Navarro-Niño, Carmen "From 'One Says' to I Say" ILR 3
Naveau, Pierre "The Clinic of Detail and Hysteria" Melbourne AND SCROLL DOWN


One School "The Principle of Supervision in the School" ICLO
Otero, Dinorah "The Queen of Petra" ILR 4


Palomera, Vicente "Autism" ILR 3
Palomera, Vicente "The objet a and psychosis: 'A voice that gives sound to the gaze'" LC 12
Palomera, Vicente "The Paradox of the Castration Complex" LC 6
Petrosino, Laura "The real of the practitioner within the picture" PIPOL5 news
Philip Dravers "Joyce and the Sinthome: Aiming at the Fourth Term of the Knot" PN#13
Poblome, Guy "How a Psychotic Subject Comes to Speech" Courtil
Price, Adrian "An Overview of the Debate on The Pass in the Journal des Journées" NLS


Ragland, Ellie "Dora and the Name-of-the-Father" Symptom #6
Regnault, François "Our object a" LP 2
Romildo do Rêgo Barros "The Object of Art" ILR 4
Rouillon, Jean-Pierre "The Part Played" Courtil
Rowen, Alan "The Modern Family" ICLO


Santiago, Ana Lydia “The Semblant and the Postiche Object” Semblants/Sinthome
Santiago, Jésus “Semblantisation and Nominalism” Semblants/Sinthome
Sauvagnat, François "Fatherhood and Naming in J. Lacan's Works" Symptom #3
Sauvagnat, François "How J Lacan was inspired by Soeren Abye Kierkegaard and Anton Chekhov, or: Kierkegaard with Chekhov" ILR 2
Sauvagnat, François "On the Specificity of Elementary Phenomena" PN#4 GO TO PUBLICATIONS SECTION and scroll to entry
Seynhaeve, Bernard "The Admission of Children in a Specialized Institution" Courtil
Shanahan, Florencia "The Freudian Family and Ours" ICLO
Skriabine, Pierre "Some Moral Failings Called Depressions" Symptom #1
Stevens, Alexandre "Applied Psychoanalysis" Courtil
Stevens, Alexandre "Courtil: A Choice" Courtil
Stevens, Alexandre "Psychosis and the Paternal Function: Can One Choose One’s Father?" LC 10
Stevens, Alexandre "The Holophrase, between Psychosis and the Psychosomatic" LC 13
Svolos, Thomas "Counter-transference is the Sympotm of the Analyst" Symptom #7
Svolos, Thomas "Introducing the Symptom" ILR 1
Svolos, Thomas "Ordinary Psychosis in the Era of Sinthome and Semblant" Symptom #10
Svolos, Thomas "The American plague" LP 2


Tarrab, Mauricio "Testimony of the Pass in New York" LC 11
Tendlaraz, Silvia Elena "The Semblant between a Man and a Woman" NLS
Tizio, Hebe “The Analyst and the Semblants” Semblants/Sinthome
Torres, Mónica "Semblants and Sinthome" Semblants/Sinthome


Vanbeughen, Colette "«Superman, that’s Me» or «Danton is in the Guillotine»" Courtil
Ventura, Oscar "Without Nostalgia" 2012 AMP Congress
Vinciguerra, Rose-Paule "The Length of the Session" PN#10 GO TO PUBLICATIONS SECTION and scroll to entry
Vinciguerra, Rose-Paule "The Paradoxes of Love" PN#3 GO TO PUBLICATIONS SECTION and scroll to entry
Vlassembrouck, Monique "One Conjuncture of Release from the Institution" Courtil


Wajcman, Gerard "The Hysteric's Discourse" Symptom #4
Weinstein, Anne "The Most Divine Hysteric" Courtil
Wolf, Bogdan "From the Signifier to Love" PN#3 GO TO PUBLICATIONS SECTION and scroll to entry


Zenoni, Alfredo "Psychoanalytic Clinic in Institution" Courtil
Zenoni, Alfredo "Psychoanalytic Clinic in Institution: Psychosis" Courtil