The Virtual Member Conversations take place one Wednesday every month at 8.30pm EST. Members of the Lacanian Compass will receive an invitation with the link prior to the meeting. For assistance, contact

2017 PROGRAM: "Lacan's wager of the school"

March 22 - María Cristina Aguirre with Jeff Erbe and Jose Armando García: "Lacan’s Wager of the School”

 April 19th - Fernando Schutt: “Function and Field of Speech and Language in Psychoanalysis. Preface and Introduction”. (J. Lacan, Ecrits. The first complete edition in English. Norton. Pgs. 197 to 205).

May 24 - Alicia Arenas: "Desire of the Analyst in the Treatment/Analyst's desire in the School"

June 21 – Liliana Kruszel: “Analysis terminable and interminable. Politics of the Pass”

July 26 - Tom Svolos: "Lacan’s Collective Logic of the Group"

August - No meeting

September  27 - Isolda Alvarez: "Politics of Psychoanalysis"

October  25- Juan Felipe Arango: "Pure psychoanalysis/Applied psychoanalysis" 

November 15 - Karina Tenenbaum: "The practice of Control in the analytical process"

December - No meeting