members monthly meeting

The Virtual Members Meeting take place one Wednesday every month at 8.30pm EST. Members of the Lacanian Compass will receive an invitation with the link prior to the meeting. For assistance, contact


Virtual Meeting | Members only | Wed @8:30pm EST

The Member Conversations for 2019 will be dedicated to questions of the School and the psychoanalytic study of dreams. There will be 11 monthly presentations.

6/26 Questions of the School - Juan Felipe Arango (Miami, FL) & Jeff Erbe (New York, NY)
7/31 On Dreams - Lacan's Seminar VI - Chapter III - "The dream of the dead father", Chapter IV ' "The dream of little Ann", Chapter V - "The dream of the dead father" Maria López (Miami, FL) & Carmen Navarro (Houston, TX)
8/28 On Dreams -  Lacan's Seminar VI - Chapters VIII-XII: "About a dream analyzed by Ella Sharpe" - Presenter: Noemi Cinader (Miami, FL)
9/25 Institutional/political - "Milanese Intuitions" (JA Miller) -  Presenters: Tom Svolos (Omaha, NE) & Nancy Gillespie (New York, NY)
10/30 On Dreams -  Lacan's Seminar XI - Chapter V - "The dream of the Burning Child" Presenters: Ellyn Altman (NY, NY), Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff (NY, NY) & Samya Seth (NY, NY)
11/20 On Dreams - Lacan's Seminar V, Chapter XX - "The Dream of the Butcher's beautiful wife", and Seminar XIX - Chapter XV - "The Desire to sleep" - Liliana Kruszel (Miami, FL), Fred Baitingter, (New York, NY), Robert Buck (New York, NY), & Elizabeth Rogers (Atlanta, GA)
12/11  Institutional/political - "Freudian Field. Year Zero" (JA Miller) - Maria Cristina Aguirre (New York, NY) & Jose Armando García (Miami, FL)

Contact: Juan Felipe Arango