The Graduate Center | 365 Fifth Ave | Rm 5489 | Wed @7:30pm

6/6: Towards CSD12: Introduction to the Theme by Maria Cristina Aguirre
Argument for CSD12: "The Psychoanalytic Subject in the Maze: Constructions in Analysis"
"Reductions: Analysts of the School" (9 short testimonies of Analysts of the School) followed by Eric Laurent's commentary: "Outside Meaning: Between Sublimation and Corporisation." The Lacanian Review 4.
6/13: Towards NLS Congress: 'Transference and Non-Rapport' by Cyrus St. A. Poliakoff
Lacan, J., Seminar XX: Encore, trans. B. Fink, London & New York, Norton, 1998: Chapter XI (Lesson of June 26, 1973).
La Sagna, Philippe. The Real of Transference. Online:
6/20: Lacanian Compass Monthly Members' Meeting: Drive
6/27: Towards CSD 12: "Memory Screens: Constituted, and Constituting" by Samya Seth
Freud, "Screen Memories" (1899), SE 3: 299-321
Freud, "Childhood Memories and Screen Memories," Ch. 4 of The Psychopathology of Everyday Life (1901), SE 6: 43-52
Freud, "Fausse Reconnaissance (Déjà Raconté) in Psychoanalytic Treatment" (1914), SE 13: 199-207
Contact: Maria Cristina Aguirre



502 W Rockcreek Dr | Sat @2pm

For program information, contact Ellie Ragland:



782 NW 42nd Ave Le Jeune Rd, Suite 339 | Wed @7:30pm

6/2: Seminar by Irene Greiser (9:00AM to 5:00PM) "Violence and Minorities: Clinic and Legal Considerations." Language: Spanish.

Irene Greiser is a psychoanalyst. She is a member of the World Association of Psychoanalysis and  Escuela de Orientacion Lacaniana in Buenos Aires.

6/6: ZADIG: Lacanian Compass Miami on Violence and School Shootings.

6/11 & 6/18: Florida Center: The Four Fundamental Concepts and Beyond: The Concept of Drive in Lacan's teachings. Speaker: Alicia Arenas.

6/13: Summer Break - activities will resume second week of September 2018.
6/20: Lacanian Compass Monthly Members' Meeting: Drive

For program information, contact Alicia Arenas:



Carmen Navarro-Niño | 2030 W Gray | Town & Country 77024

Towards the Clinical Study Days 2019: The Construction of the Case
Mercedes Acuña | 11606 Braewick Dr. 77035 | Fri @7p

6/8: Freud, S. (1909). “Rat Man Notes Upon A Case of Obsessional Neurosis."
6/22: Freud, S. (1909). “Rat Man Notes Upon A Case of Obsessional Neurosis."

Reading Seminar
Carmen Navarro-Niño | 2030 W Gray | Town & Country 77024

6/15 (6:30p): “Life and Ordinary Psychosis”. Lacan, Jacques. Book 3, Chapter 2.  “The Cure of a Psychotic”.  Daniel-Paul Schreber, Memories. Manuel Fernandez B.  EEP-ECFB, #3. 1999.   Habeas Corpus. Miller, J-A 2016.  The Outside Meaning: Between Sublimation and Corporisation. 'Eric Laurent, Paris. 2018                                               
6/15 (7:30p): ZADIG “Psychoanalysis and Politics”. Miller, J-A. Laurent, Eric. Text about Populism. 2017.  Xavier Esque’ 11-18-1917, Torino.
6/16 (12p): “Childhood and Adolescence”. Jacques-Alain Miller and other. “The Fears of the Children” Judith Miller, Presentation. Jean-Robert Rabanel. Introduction. Jean-Pierre Rouillon. Life, Fears. Paidos 2017.

Contact: Mercedes Acuña








Creighton University | Dodge Clinic | 3528 Dodge St | Fri @10:00am

For program information, contact Thomas Svolos: