The Graduate Center | 365 Fifth Ave | Rm 5489 | Wed @7:30pm

9/12: Towards CSD 12: Argument ( &
Lacan, J. “Geneva Lecture on the Symptom" (1975). Analysis, no. 1, 1989, pp. 7-26.
Presented by Maria Cristina Aguirre
Lacan, J. “Response to Jean Hyppolite’s Commentary on Freud’s ‘Verneinung’” (1954). Écrits, W. W. Norton and Co., 2006, pp. 318-333.
Presented by Samya Seth

9/26: Lacanian Compass Members Monthly Metting: Desire

Contact: Maria Cristina Aguirre



502 W Rockcreek Dr | Sat @2pm

This group will be reading Jacques-Alain Miller’s Seminar L’etre et l’un (2011) and various articles from The Lacanian Review.

Contact: Ellie Ragland



782 NW 42nd Ave Le Jeune Rd, Suite 339 | Wed @7:30pm

9/5: (A) Introduction of the theoretical lines we will follow in the readings towards CSD12 & (B) organize teams of work in preparation to host the CSD12 in Miami

9/12: Commentary on Freud’s “Constructions in Analysis” (1937) and Miller's "Marginalia to Constructions in Analysis” (1994). (Discussant: José Armando Garcia)

9/26: Lacanian Compass Members Monthly Metting: Desire

Contact: Alicia Arenas:


Carmen Navarro-Niño | 2030 W Gray | Town & Country 77024

9/14: Freud, S. ”A child is being beaten” (1919) & “Constructions in Analysis” (1937). (Discussant: Mercedes Acuña; 3315 Sul Ross)

9/15: “Childhood and Adolescence”. Jacques-Alain Miller and other. “The Fears of the Children” Texts by S. Guttadauro. V. Valls. A. Stevens.  Paidos 2017. (Discussant: Carmen Navarro-Niño; Town & Country)

9/19: “Life and Ordinary Psychosis”. Lacan, J. Book 3, Chapters 4-5; Freud, S. ”Constructions in Analysis” 1937. Orienting Text, CSD12

ZADIG “Psychoanalysis and Politics”. About ZADIG  Miller, J-A. Lacan Quotidien. 2017-18.” About a Reform in its Hole” By Jacques Lacan. Paris, 1969. (Discussant: Carmen Navarro-Niño; 2030 W Gray)

9/26: Lacanian Compass Members Monthly Metting: Desire

9/28: “Fantasma y real en la clínica Lacaniana”, Miquel Bassols (Discussant: Mercedes Acuña; 3315 Sul Ross)

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Creighton University | Dodge Clinic | 3528 Dodge St | Fri @10:00am

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