The Graduate Center | 365 Fifth Ave | Rm 5489 | Wed @7:30pm

5/2:  Clinical Seminar on Phobia: final summary of Little Hans from Freud to Lacan
5/9: Toward NLS Congress: Mahjoub, L. (2018). "In a State of Transference--Wild, Political, Psychoanalytic". The Lacanian Review 4. pp.164-173. The argument is also available here: & Freud, S. (1912). "Dynamics of Transference". Presented by Azeen Khan
Lacan, J. (1951). "Intervention on Transference". Écrits. Presented by Fred Baitinger
5/16: Library Seminar: Meeting at Ulterior Gallery (172 Attorney St, NY NY) @7:30pm to discuss the new exhibit "Second Hand" by Robert Buck. He will discuss his work with Nancy Gillespie. Seating is limited.  Free and open to all.  
Marie-Hélène Brousse "Art, the Avant-Garde and Psychoanalysis" Lacanian Compass Express Vol 1, issue 11, pp. 4-52.
Marie-Hélène Brousse "The Work of Art in the Age of the Demise of the Beautiful: From Object to Abject" Hurly-Burly 1 pp. 135-141
Pierre-Gilles Guéguen " Manipulation of the Imaginary in a Homosexual Couple" Section entitled "Francis Bacon’s Escabeau" The Lacanian Review 2  pp. 30-42 

5/23: Towards NLS Congress: Lacan, J. (1958). "Direction of the Treatment and the Principle of Its Power". Écrits. Presented by Jeff Erbe
Anna Aromí and Xavier Esqué "The Ordinary Psychosis and the others, under transference" WAP Guidance Text, XICongress: Presented by Nancy Gillespie
5/30: Lacanian Compass Monthly Members' Meeting: Repetition

Contact: Maria Cristina Aguirre



502 W Rockcreek Dr | Sat @2pm

For program information, contact Ellie Ragland:



782 NW 42nd Ave Le Jeune Rd, Suite 339 | Wed @7:30pm

5/2: Towards NLS Congress: Case discussion (presenter: Maria J. Lopez) following the proposal  of Eric Laurent- Disrupcion Del Goce En Las Locuras Bajo Transferencia.  Coordinator- (Isolda Alvarez)- Participants will be invited to read and add remarks in connection to the case and Laurent's proposal.
5/10: Dialogues with the City: "Violence: There Where the Speech Gives Up" J. Lacan
5/16: Towards NLS Congress: Tan Poca Vida by Mercedes de Francisco (presenter: Jose Armando Garcia)
5/23: Towards NLS Congress: Bye Bye Clinica Ordinaria, Hola Singularidad by Pierre Sidon (presenter: Maria Eugenia Cardona)
5/30: Lacanian Compass Monthly Members' Meeting: Repetition

For program information, contact Alicia Arenas:


Carmen Navarro-Niño | 2030 W Gray | Town & Country 77024

5/18 (W Gray @6:30p): “Life and Ordinary Psychosis”. Lacan, Jacques. Book 3, Chapter I.  “The Cure of a Psychotic”. Daniel Paul Schreber, Memories. Dresde Supreme Tribunal, Decision. Pag 333.  Manuel Fernandez B.  EEP-ECFB, #3. 1999.   Habeas Corpus. Miller, J-A 2016.  The Outside Meaning: Between Sublimation and Corporisation. 'Eric Laurent, Paris. 2018    
5/18 (W Gray @7:30p): ZADIG “Psychoanalysis and Politics”. Miller, J-A.; Laurent, Eric. Text about Populism 2017.  Xavier Esque’ 11-18-1917, Torino.
5/19 (Town & Country @12p): “Childhood and Adolescence”. Jacques-Alain Miller and other. “ The Fears of the Childrens” Judith Miller, Presentation. Daniel Roy, Preface. Paidos 2017.
5/29 (W Gray @10:30a): “Real, Variables and Formulation”. Miller, J-A. Fine Things in Psychoanalysis, Chapter I .2008. Gueguen, Pierre-Gilles. The Case Practice. 2008

Towards the Clinical Study Days 2019: The Construction of the Case
Mercedes Acuña | 11606 Braewick Dr. 77035 | Fri @7p

5/11: Freud, S. Fragments of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria (1905 [1901], Standard Edition Vol. 7, pp. 1–122.
5/25: Lacan, J. (1951). Intervention on the transference. Écrits.

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Creighton University | Dodge Clinic | 3528 Dodge St | Fri @10:00am

For program information, contact Thomas Svolos: