The Graduate Center | 365 Fifth Ave | Rm 5489 | Wed @7:30pm

2/6 NEW! The Lacanian Unconscious: Lacan, J. Book V Formations of the Unconscious (1957-1958), Chapter I “The Famillionaire”. (Discussant: Maria Cristina Aguirre)

2/13 Towards 2019 NLS Congress: Miller, J.-A. “The Speaking Being and the Pass”, The Lacanian Review, 6. (Discussant: Maria Cristina Aguirre)

2/20 The Lacanian Unconscious: Lacan, J. Book V Formations of the Unconscious (1957-1958), Chapter II “The Fat-millionaire”. (Discussant: Maria Cristina Aguirre)

Contact: Maria Cristina Aguirre


502 W Rockcreek Dr | Sat @2pm

Lacan’s Seminar XXIV, L’insu que sait de l’une-bevue, s’aile a mourre, Miller’s 2011 seminar L'Etre et l'un,  texts from The Lacanian Review.

Contact: Ellie Ragland



782 NW 42nd Ave Le Jeune Rd, Suite 339 | Wed @7:30pm

2/4 Florida Center for the Teaching and Research in Psychoanalysis (FCTRP): Reading of seminar “From Symptom to Fantasy and return” JAM. Chapter 14, “The Master Signifier and the Object a” (Discussant: Liliana Kruszel)

2/6 “The Preface to the English Language Edition.“ J. Lacan. 1976 (Discussant: Isolda Alvarez)

2/11 FCTRP: “From Symptom to Fantasy and Return.“ JAM. Chapter 15, “The Subject Causation.” (Discussants: Noemí Cinader & Cristina Garroni)

2/12 “Civilization and It’s Discontents.” S. Freud. 1936. (Discussants: Juan Felipe Arango & Isolda Alvarez)

2/13 “The Real Unconscious.” JAM. TLR 6, 2018. (Discussant: Juan Felipe Arango)

2/20 “ The Space of a Lapsus.” JAM. TLR 6, 2018. (Discussant: Karina Tenenbaum)

2/25 FCTRP. Reading of seminar “From Symptom to Fantasy and Return.” JAM , Chapter 16, “The Matheme of the Pass.” (Discussants: Noemí Cinader & Cristina Garroni)

2/26 “Civilization and It’s Discontents.” S. Freud, 1936. (Discussants: Juan Felipe Arango & Isolda Alvarez)

2/27 “The Space of a Hallucination.” JAM. TLR 6, 2018. (Discussant: Jose Armando Garcia)

Contact: Alicia Arenas:


Carmen Navarro-Niño | 2030 W Gray | Town & Country 77024

2/2 Childhood and Adolescence: Miller, J.-A. and Lacadee, P. and Rouseeau, D. and Laurent, C. and Bischoffe. (2017). “Suffering-Adolescent.” “The Fears of the Children” (pp 27-30.) Paidos. UNSAM. (Discussant: Carmen Navarro-Niño; Town & Country)

2/8 News from CSD12: Miller, J.-A. (2006) “About the Psychosis: Symptom and Fantasy.” ”Introduction to the Lacanian Clinic.” Conferences in Spain, ELP. (Discussant: Mercedes Acuña)

2/13 Life and Ordinary Psychosis: Lacan, J. Book 3, Chapters VII. (pp. 129-147); Laurent, E.2002. Repetition and “Name of Jouissance” (pp. 10-22). Argentina. Colección Diva. (Discussant: Carmen Navarro-Niño; W Gray)

2/13 ZADIG: Psychoanalysis and Politics. Miller, J.-A. (2005) “Anguille en politique”.Paris.  Radio France-Culture. Translation by Fernandez,D. (2012) Argentina .Página 12. 
(Discussant: Carmen Navarro-Niño; W Gray)

2/22 Conversation Lacanian Compass Houston Group in preparation for NLS Congress “Urgent”, June 2019 Tel-Aviv (Discussants: Acuña M., Barroso A., Caron M., Hojman L., Navarro C.)

2/23 Towards XII WAP Congress: “The Dream Its Interpretation and Uses in the Lacanian Cure”. Buenos Aires. Argentina. From the Meaning of the Dream to the Real Unconscious. (Discussant: Mercedes Acuña)

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Creighton University | Dodge Clinic | 3528 Dodge St | Fri @10:00am

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