The Graduate Center | 365 Fifth Ave | Rm 5489 | Wed @7:30pm

1/31: Brousse, M.-H. The Love of the Sinthome versus the Hatred of Difference. Lacanian Ink 50. & Laurent, E. The unconscious and the body event. The Lacanian Review 1.
2/7: No meeting
2/14: Discussion on CSD11
2/21: Clinical Seminar on Phobia: Lacan, J. (1956-1957). Book IV. Object Relation. Chapter XIV, The Signifier in the Real (3/20/1957)
2/28: Jason Ciaccio will present "Reading Hegel on Master and Slave: An Introduction to Dialectics"

Contact: Maria Cristina Aguirre


502 W Rockcreek Dr | Sat @2pm

This group will be reading Jacques-Alain Miller’s Seminar L’etre et l’un (2011) and various articles from the Lacanian Review.

Contact: Ellie Ragland



782 NW 42 Ave Le Jeune Rd | Suite 339 | Wed @7:30pm

2/7: No activities
2/14: Afterthoughts and comments on CSD 11-NYC (Isolda Alvarez)
2/21: Towards WAP Congress (Jose Armando Garcia)
2/26: Conference by Juan Felipe Arango (In English): “What is there to say about Millennials subjectivity?”
2/28: Towards WAP Congress-preparatory papers  (Alicia Arenas) & LC Miami Directors Meeting

Florida Center for the Teaching and Research in Psychoanalysis
782 NW 42nd Ave Le Jeune Rd, Suite 339 | Mon @7:30

1/29-6/11: Reading Seminar (In Spanish): Lacan, J. (1964). Book XI, The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis.
Discussants: JF Arango, A Arenas, L Kruszel, K Tenenbaum

Upcoming dates: 5, 12, 19

Contact: Maria Lopez



Carmen Navarro-Niño | 2030 W Gray

1/31 @6:30: “Life and Ordinary Psychosis”: Lacan, J. Book 3, Chapter I.
Miller, J.-A. (2016). Habeas Corpus.
1/31 @7:30p: "Psychoanalysis and Politics": Miller, J.-A. & Laurent, E. (2017). Text on Populism. ZADIG
2/6 @10:30a: “Real, Variables and Formulation”. Miller, J-A. Fine Things in Psychoanalysis, 2008. Clinic Florilegio 2000 AMP. Capiton 1, 2006. Gueguen, Pierre-Gilles. The Case Practice. 2008.
2/9-2/11: Attending CSD11: “Delights of the Ego” NYC
2/16 @12:  Meeting to discuss the 2018 program and activities (Mercedes Acuña, 1518 Caywood Ln, Apt B)
2/17 @ 12p: “Childhood and Adolescence”. Jacques-Alain Miller and other. “ The Fears of the Childrens” Paidos 2017. Guéguen, Pierre-Gilles,  “Jacques Lacan and Francoise Dolto: Controversy about the Child”
2/23 @6:30p: “Life and Ordinary Psychosis”. Lacan, Jacques. Book 3,Chapter I.  Habeas Corpus. Miller, J-A 2016.
2/23 @7:30p:  ZADIG “Psychoanalysis and Politics”. Miller, J-A.; Laurent, Eric. Text about Populism 2017.  Xavier Esque’ 11-18-1917, Torino.

Mercedes Acuña | 1518 Caywood Ln, Apt B | Fri @12pm

1/29: Lacan, J. Guiding remarks for a convention on feminine sexuality. Écrits.

Contact: Carmen Navarro-Nino





Creighton University | Dodge Clinic | 3528 Dodge St | Fri @10:00am

This group includes both a Reading Seminar with a focus on the ego in preparation for CSD11 on "The Delights of the Ego" and a Clinical Seminar for case presentations on the themes of the ego and the imaginary. We are currently engaged in a close reading of Lacan's Seminar II in the Reading Seminar.

Upcoming dates: 2, 16, 23

Contact: Thomas Svolos