The Scientific Committee of CSD12 invites you to propose a clinical case presentation for our Study Days, dedicated to the theme “The Psychoanalytic Subject in the Maze: Constructions in Analysis."

Individuals who wish to submit a case presentation for consideration will need to first register for CSD12. 

Case presentations must address the themes and questions posed in the Argument for CSD12.

We are accepting clinical cases presentations under one of the four following rubrics.  Please identify which rubric your case is proposed for in your submission. 
The rubrics are:

1/ construction of the case in classical neurosis--fundamental fantasy, object a, signifier of the lack in the Other; 
2/ construction of a case in triggered, classical psychosis--the delusional metaphor; 
3/ construction of the case in the continuous clinic, the Borromean clinic, the clinic without categories, ordinary psychosis
4/ the use of control (supervision) in the construction of the case. 

Your case presentation should be both at most 15 minutes long when read aloud and at most 11,000 characters (with spaces) in length.
Papers should be submitted by October 1, 2018.  We appreciate your interest and look forward to reading your papers and seeing you in Miami.
Please send your texts and any questions to the CSD 12 Scientific Committee at: