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Representative text of the principles of supervision.


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Representative text for an acute reading and structural reordering of the Schreber case, charting the movement from the triggering and elementary phenomenon, to the possibilities of suppletion, to the final achieved state of the delusion and its attendant stabilization. Articulates the question of the object a and the fantasy in the delusional clinic.


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Representative text for the construction and uses of the fantasy in relation to primal repression and the constitution of modes of jouissance in the clinic of neurosis and perversion.

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Orienting text for the topic of the conference.


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Orienting text addressing the structure and constitution of the parlêtre, under transference both ordered and wild. Elaborates the structural ramifications of the fundamental decisions of being: Bejahung, Austossung, Verneinung, and Verwerfung; lays the foundations for any consideration of constructions in analysis: a) work of memory construction in relation to episodes of hallucinations, b) work of symptom construction in relation to episodes of acting-out.

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Representative text from the later Lacan on the question of the varité of the symptom and lalangue.


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Historical survey of the practice of case presentation in psychoanalysis, from Freud through Lacan and the practice of the WAP.

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Representative text dealing with the later Lacan on the question of identification and symptom formation in the clinic of generalized foreclosure.


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Taking his cues from Lacan’s late patient presentations contemporary with Seminar 23, Miller proposes the rubrics of Illnesses of Mentality and Illnesses of the Other to update the clinics of schizophrenia and of paranoia, respectively, in consonance with the Borromean approach.

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Seminal text by Miller, charting the clinical pathways for the evolution and ordering of clinical concepts from early to the late Lacan.

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Detailed reading of the Wolf Man case demonstrating in-depth the clinical questions of the Wolf-Man case, and exposing the clinical cuts based upon which the construction of the case in the classical approach opens up to and makes way for the continuous clinic.

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Detailed elaboration of the concept of the clinical case construction based on a reading of Freud.

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Detailed commentary on Freud’s paper, “Constructions in Analysis.”

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Seminal text by Miller based on a reading of Freud and charting the clinical pathway for the movement from early to the late Lacan.

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Conceptual overview of the concept 'ordinary psychosis,' ten years after its first use.